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At a short distance from the mainland, across the sea, you will find the original Estonia: undisturbed nature, reed-thatched houses, ancient stone walls, windmills and medieval churches. Your mind will enjoy peace on the Estonian islands such as Saaremaa and Muhu.


kuressaare linnus_200x150The only town on the island of Saaremaa is Kuressaare, the picturesque little town celebrating its 450th anniversary and featuring Kuressaare piiskopilinnus, the bishopric castle, which is probably the best-preserved medieval castle in the entire Baltic region. The famous and popular Saaremaa Opera Festivals take place at this bishopric castle every summer in July. Famous restaurants and terraces abound on Kuressaare. In summer, in particular, night life on the island is lively. It is easy to do day-trips on e.g. bicycles from Kuressaare to enjoy the sights on the island, because distances on the island are short.

Angla Windmill Hill

angla tuulik_200x150Windmills are the true symbol of Saaremaa. In the 1800's, all larger farm houses had their own windmills. The most famous windmills on Saaremaa are in Angla.

Panga Cliff

panga 200x150The Panga Pank, or the Panga Cliff, is the highest of the cliffs on the coast of Saaremaa and Western Estonia: 21 metres from the sea level. In the old times, people gathered at the highest point of this chalkstone cliff, located 35 km from Kuressaare, to pacify their gods - with beer and vodka.

Churches and mansions

saarenmaa kirkko_200x150On the islands of Saaremaa and Muhu, there are many well-preserved medieval churches and mansions.

Kaali meteorite crater

kaali 200x150The Kaali meteorite crater was caused by a meteorite that hit Saaremaa thousands of years ago. The crater is 22 metres deep and 110 metres wide.

Golf, tennis and nature hikes

saarenmaa golf_200x150Saaremaa offers a great deal to do for active holiday-makers. The championship-type Saare Golf, a golf course designed by a Finn, Lassi-Pekka Tilander, entices golfers. Several courts are available for tennis players. In addition, there are opportunities for bowling, billiards, nature hikes and fishing.

How will you get there?

By own car

The ferry to Saaremaa embarks from Virtsu, 145 km southwest from Tallinn, and makes its way to the Kuivastu harbour on the island of Muhu. The trip on the ferry takes about half an hour. The distance from Muhu to Saaremaa consists of a little less than 4 km on a beautiful causeway, Väinatamm.

Reserve your ship tickets with ease at In summer and on weekends, you should make advance reservations.

By bus from Tallinn

A bus ticket from Talllinn to Kuresaare costs about 15-17 euros (2014). The ferry ticket from Virtsu to Kuivastu is included in the bus ticket price and you don't have to que for the ferry even during the most popular summer week-ends. The bus goes via Muhu Island to Kuresaare.

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