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The Eckerö Group

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rederiaktiebolaget eckero

The brand name Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö was introduced in the late 1960's and has become renown in the public eye. Our suitably sized ferries help create a familiar atmosphere between the passengers and our staff. Many of our passengers are frequent visitors to Åland and the familiar atmosphere onboard has strengthened the company profile. We like to talk about geniality and safety.

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Eckerö Linjen is also - definitely - a tourist agency, cooperating with all the hotels, lodges, cottages and other service providers as well as with sports and cultural organizations on Åland. The Incoming Departments in Grisslehamn and Eckerö cover the whole range of tourist products on Åland in their sales - from simple accommodation to various packages for individuals and groups, activity holidays, and conferences. Eckerö Linjen is the motor in the company.


Ålandsresor in Mariehamn (Åland) forms one part of Eckerö Linjen's marketing department. Ålandsresor is a marketing brand name used in the Finnish market. The Incoming Dept. provides all the tourist products on Åland in their services - hotels, lodges and cottages, holiday packages, groups, and international congresses.

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Williams Buss has been Eckerö Linjen's subsidiary since 1990. The bus fleet is modern, ranging from high-class international services to rural services. Williams Buss often provides the buses for sightseeing on Åland, and it operates a lively charter business in all European countries. The passengers for the charter tours come from Åland and the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. Williams Buss is 100% owned by Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö.

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Eckerö Line operates ferry services between Helsinki/Finland and Tallinn/Estonia, with the focus on cargo and passengers alike. We aim at an extensive sale of tourist services in Estonia. Eckerö Line is 100% owned by Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö.

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Birka Cruises runs 22 hour cruises from Stockholm via Mariehamn, seven days a week, with the passenger ship Birka. Apart from 22 hour cruises company also arranges a number of weekendcruises in the summer time, and special cruises at Christmas and New Years Eve. Since May 28 2008 is a subsidiary to Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö.

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Eckerö Shipping is a shipping company specialized in transport of forestry products, unitized general cargo and trailers, on modern Ro-Ro vessels. Birka Cargo presently operates a fleet of 7 modern Ro-Ro vessels under Finnish flag.