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Finding a good restaurant in Tallinn is easy, and it is just as easy to enjoy the cafes and little bars in the Old Town. The selection ranges from medieval food restaurants to pubs in which you can sample the pubs' specialties from their own breweries. Tallinn's beauty parlours, health services, pharmacies and natural products stores provide pampering and expert service for the city life.

In addition to the shopping areas, clothing stores, shoe stores and little boutiques in Tallinn, you should be sure to remember the economical EckeröMarket aboard ship where you can choose high-quality brands on your return voyage to Helsinki and avoid having to carry your purchases around with you.

Maritime museum Lennusadam

LennusadamTallinn's newest pride, the Seaplane Harbour, was opened for the public in spring 2012. The hangars for seaplanes of the early 1900's contain a museum in which you can learn about history - under the water, on the surface and in the air. The attractions include the submarine Lembit and the steam ice breaker Suur Tõll, both from the 1930's. The exciting exhibition is suitable for the entire family and offers the opportunity to participate interactively. The museum also features the cafe/restaurant Maru, a terrace and a souvenir shop. It is easy to get to the museum on foot on the Culture kilometre. The walk is about two kilometres.

TV tower Teletorn

Tallinnan TV-torni TeletornThe TV tower built for the Moscow Olympics is a famous landmark in Tallinn. The view from the sightseeing deck at 170 metres is an experience. The most courageous viewers walk onto the glass-covered holes drilled through the deck. The TV tower provides an interactive exhibition on remarkable Estonian achievements. Highest up, there is a cafe/restaurant and a terrace. Next to the TV tower, there is the Tallinn Botanic Garden; the Pirita Harbour and the ruins of Birgit's Convent are near as well.

KGB museum and Currency Bar

Hotell Viru KGB-museoThe Sokos Hotel Virus, built forty years ago, opened two secret Soviet security police surveillance rooms and made them into a KGB museum. Agents used to spy on people from the 23rd floor of the hotel, tapping into the discussions of the hotel guests. English-speaking guides acquaint you with the history of the hotel and tell you remarkable stories of that era. The walking tours end in the Hard Currency Bar on the second floor of the hotel. You might want to sample the favourite drink from the soviet era, the Sickle and Hammer.

Sokos Hotel Viru

Cafes of Tallinn

tallinnan kahvilat2_250x150The imaginative, bohemian-type cafes in Tallinn offer tasty sweet and salty delights. The locals frequent Matilda Café on Ulrike jag street as well as Comet, a newer place on the fourth floor of the Solaris centre. Trendy cafe-restaurants outside the city centre in the Kalama area include F-Hoone and Koneke on Telliskivi street and Kamahouse Köök on Kopli street.

Shopping in Tallinn

Ostoksilla TallinnassaOne of the musts on a trip to Tallinn is shopping. In addition to the small boutiques in the Old Town, the best places for shopping include shopping malls such as Viru Centre and Kaubamaja, both located in the city centre. Kaubamaja's ladies and children's departments have been recently renovated. As you come into the city from the harbour, the Rotermann Quarter abounds in brand shops, and the Foorum centre is also located there. The newest centre, Solaris with its restaurants, cafes and movie theatre, is located opposite Estonia Theatre. The most popular shopping centre outside the city centre is the Rocca al Mare.

Kalamaja - a trendy place

F-Hoone KalamajaAt this time, Kalamaja is the trendiest part of the city of Tallinn. Traditional two-storey houses have been renovated, and young artists, actors and musicians have been moving into the area. Cafes and restaurants built into renovated industrial halls can also be found in this area. F-Hoone, the fashionable restaurant, is located in the Telliskivi area behind the Balti Jaam railway station. A flea market operates in the neighbourhood on Saturdays.

Culture Kilometre

KulttuurikilometriThe Culture Kilometre, a pathway built in 2011, starts behind Linnahall near terminal A in the Tallinn Harbour. This footpath of about two kilometres in length is a popular open-air recreation area by the sea. Along the way, the Kalamaja area provides interesting things to see. At the beginning, Este Disdain Maija presents modern Estonian design and the services of the cafeteria Klaus. A fish market is held by the seashore every Saturday. The route also takes you past the historical Patrai prison and the Maritime museum Lennusadam.

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinnan VanhakaupunkiThe Old Town is always one of the most popular attractions in Tallinn. The medieval Tallinn was, actually, one huge fortress built for defence, which is still evident in its well-preserved towers and the city wall. The Old Town alleys take you to a multitude of shops, restaurants, bars and small, cosy hotels. The Town Hall Square and the sight-seeing locations on the Toompea Hill entice visitors.

Tallinn for the family

Perheiden tallinnaAttractive activities abound in Tallinn for the whole family. There are several destinations specifically for families with children, such as the NUKU Puppet Theatre Museum, the Miia-Milla-Manda museum, the adventure park in the Nõmme area, and the Tallinn Zoo.


Tallinnan nakoalapaikatThe best sight-seeing locations in Tallinn are worth the climb - but luckily, many of them can be quickly reached in an elevator. In addition to the TV tower, magnificent views can be admired from sight-seeing platforms on Kohtu street and the Patkul area. At sunset, the vistas from the bars in the Radisson BLU Tallinn Hotellin  or Swisshotelin are glorious. Climbing the 250 steps to the Oleviste (St. Olaf's) church is a good bit of exercise. The church, built in the 1300's, is a tourist attraction in itself.

Market places in Tallinn

Nommen toriThe best way to learn about the way of life in Estonia is through visiting various market places. The locals go to market places regularly for, say, groceries, but these locations are interesting for tourists as well. Balti jaama turg behind the railway station is a lively market place with just about anything on sale. The Central Market near Stockmann provides groceries, vegetables, fruit and well-priced clothes. The indoors market at Sadamaturg near terminal A offers perishable goods from Estonia. The Fish Market at Kalamaja is open on Saturdays.

One of the most beautiful market places is the recently renovated, lively market place at Nõmme on the outskirts of Tallinn. The market place has a long history and the residents of the Nõmme area love it. Both local products and imported goods are available there. There also are small shops specialising in e.g. meat, honey or potatoes.

Tallinn Christmas Market

tallinnan joulutoriThe famous Tallinn Christmas Market runs from the beginning of December to Epiphany. The Christmas spirit can be sensed at the Town Hall Square where handicraft, pastry and Christmas decorations are offered for sale in delightful little cabins. You should take the time to stop and enjoy a warm Christmas drink glög when you go shopping.

Christmas Market in Tallinn

Tallinn Map

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