The Taste of Spring menu offers the season’s freshest flavours

The Taste of Spring menu offers the season’s freshest flavours

Fresh spring and summer flavours are taking over Buffet Eckerö! The Taste of Spring menu offers delicious food made from the season’s best and freshest ingredients. Buffet Eckerö’s firm favourites, such as the ship’s traditional meatballs, are made by hand using Finnish ingredients.

Popular appetizers from caviar and sour cream to herring, whole prawns and gravlax are served all year round at the appetizer station. Be sure to try the fresh lemon pickled herring, or rye bread and herring caviar seasoned with akvavit. You’ll also find meat dishes such as mouth-watering smoked beef with mustard mayonnaise, or pulled sesame and chilli turkey, which has a fiery little kick to it. Asparagus, the undisputed champion of the season, is served in a salad with wheat grain. Don’t forget to try our delicious broccoli and walnut salad or our traditional Caesar salad, which is a perfect accompaniment to several other dishes on the menu.

Many diners eat their fill of the plentiful appetizers alone, but it’s well worth leaving some room for the main courses. There are plenty of options available, including fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. Be sure to leave room on your plate for dishes such as the vegetarian bean lasagne, or the pike and spinach mousse, served with a rich morel sauce. That, too, is one of the season’s top ingredients! Fresh sausage is one of the rarer treats on the new menu, but don’t forget to try the summer favourite, pan-fried salmon with chive sauce.

Dining at Buffet Eckerö is topped off with a lavish dessert buffet. An assortment of cheeses, biscuits and ice cream are essentials, but the new menu also introduces some surprising newcomers, such as the mango cake with raspberry sauce, and bun with almond cream. We’ve baked refreshing rhubarb into a juicy pie, and chocolate enthusiasts will be delighted by the mud cake and toffee and chocolate mousse.

We hope you enjoy the delicious Taste of Spring menu available at Buffet Eckerö on 3–11 April 2019 and 23 April – 4 June 2019! Buffet Eckerö will serve the Easter menu on 12–22 April 2019.