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430 tonnes reduced emissions due to successful pilot project - innovation of Finnish company now a permanent asset in vessel technology

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The cleantech project, kicked off in 2015 and initiated by Eckerö Line and Gadlab Engineering, has successfully been concluded. The project allowed m/s Finlandia to use a new absorption cooler sytem, called Gadcooler, which was fitted to gather waste heat and utilised in the air-cooling system of the vessel. Thanks to the unique technology, Eckerö Line has managed to generate noteworthy fuel savings and emission reductions. The innovative cooler will, henceforth, be used on a permanent basis.

During the summer months, a considerable share of the fuel consumed by vessels is capable of having cooling measures applied. Realising the potential, a Helsinki-based engineering company specialised in vessel design, has rolled out an innovative technology that utilises waste heat released from the vessel machinery through the use of lithium bromide, a non-toxic medium that is used to produce cooling for air continioning. The technology is based on chemical cooling, and as a result, it requires limited maintenance compared to a standard AC compressor.

The vessel m/s Finlandia, a ferry service between Helsinki-Tallinn, had an absorption cooler system installed, and the vessel operated as a pilot project for the new technology. As the cooler decreased the vessels’ fuel consumption, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions were also reduced. Thanks to the new technology, Eckerö Line managed to gain substantial fuel savings and emission reductions during the testing phase. So far in 2017, Eckerö Line has used up to 140 tonnes less fuel during the two year test period and has ultimately led to a 430 tonnes reduction in emissions.

“We are constantly promoting more environmentally friendly shipping,” states Taru Keronen, CEO, Eckerö Line.

“This is the reason why new sustainable solutions and implementation are an important part of Eckerö Line’s strategy. It is great to see that we are the first ones in the world who have had the opportunity to utilise a completely modern, Finnish innovation, which has allowed us to get closer to our environmental targets. Overall, we are very happy with the results of the piloting project, and are proud to start putting the innovation into permanent practice on board our ferry m/s Finlandia.”

The technology worked efficiently, and without complications, during its two year long piloting period and is destined to have a bright future ahead.

Adds Anna Toikkanen, Designer, Gadlab Engineering Oy, “It has been wonderful to see that the technology developed by us has been functioning well in practice, and that fuel savings have been recorded. Next to Eckerö Line, there are no other shipping companies out there with corresponding technology, but we strongly believe that the success of this piloting project will also encourage other companies to implement similar technology.”