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Unique fuel-saving marine cleantech to m/s Finlandia

M/S Finlandia, operating between Helsinki and Tallinn will improve its energy efficiency with an marine-optimized absorption cooler system. The pilot project will yield to fuel savings over summer.

In early May Eckerö Line’s m/s Finlandia will be equipped with a pilot project cooling system which will decrease the fuel consumption of the ship’s air conditioning.

Gadcooler absorption system will recover the waste heat produced by the ship’s engine and utilize it further in the ship’s cooling. The pilot project, partly funded by Tekes , the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, is carried through by Helsinki- based Gadlab Engineering.

”The most environmentally friendly fuel is unused fuel”, summarizes Eckerö Line CEO, Ms. Taru Keronen. ”We are happy to be able to try out Finnish innovations in practice.”

Air conditioning is one of the most energy consuming parts of the ship during summer. ”If the ships isn’t cooled properly, it becomes like a greenhouse”, says supervisor Johan Åberg from Gadlab Engineering.

Usually air cooling energy is produced with compressors, which consume a remarkable share of fuel. In Gadlab’s absorption solution, resembling the operational principles of gas refrigerators, the energy of the waste heat is used further in cooling with non-toxic lithium bromide aided absoprtion process.

Gadlab’s solution offers a number of advantages. Decreased fuel consumption decreases respectively CO2, SOx as well as NOx emissions. Because the cooling process is chemical instead of mechanical, the system is practically maintenance free. The system pays itself back due to cost savings in fuel.

Continuous improvement

The ship operates its fourth season and a number of technical improvements have been made in order to increase its energy efficiency.

”New drives allow us to avoid unnecessary use of air conditioning. When the ship is offshore our accumulator tank can be charged with excess heat, which will be in turn re-used when the ship is in harbour. In addition, we have a energy monitoring system which guides us to run the ship as energy efficiently as possible”, Keronen explains.

M/s Finlandia does not let any kind of waste to the Baltic Sea. All waste produced onboard is sorted, brought on land and managed in a proper way.