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Authorities continue to exercise in the Gulf of Finland: Special troops to practise onboard an Eckerö Line passenger ferry from Tallinn


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Photo: Finnish Defence Forces

The Police of Finland, the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard will practice a demanding maritime operation in the early hours of today. This is a continuation of the inter-authority cooperation exercise of two weeks ago, which was led by the Finnish Defence Forces. Today’s exercise will be led by the police.

Various types of vessels and helicopters will be used and the exercise will, to some extent, be visible in passenger traffic and in the ports of Helsinki. In addition to the police, the Defence Forces and the Border Guard, the exercise participants will include the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Port of Helsinki and the ferry operator Eckerö Line.

The exercise will begin after 2 a.m. and end by 7 a.m. at the latest. The actual operation will take place onboard m/s Finlandia, a passenger ferry operated by Eckerö Line, which is on its way from Tallinn to Helsinki. The ship departed from the port of Tallinn on 2 November 2017 at 1.45 a.m. and will arrive in Helsinki on schedule.

”This kind of exercise is arranged on an annual basis. Today’s exercise will be similar to the ones held in previous years: the authorities will receive an emergency call from the ship, after which special troops will board the ship in a controlled manner and carry out an operation led by the police,” explains Chief Inspector Jari Kaikko of the Helsinki Police Department.

The passengers onboard the ship have been informed in advance about the exercise in several languages.

”The exercise will not be highly visible to passengers since the onboard facilities that will be used will be closed off to the public. It is important to practice this kind of demanding situation offshore every now and then, to test cooperation between the authorities in particular,” Kaikko continues.

The Helsinki Police Department will issue a bulletin to summarise the outcome after the exercise. During the course of the exercise, the Helsinki Police Department will post photos and comments on Twitter at You can follow the Twitter account even if you are not registered on Twitter yourself.

Later on, the Helsinki Police Department will post photos of the exercise on Facebook at and on Instagram at @Helsinkipoliisi.

Bulletin on last year’s exercise (in Finnish) here: